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Vision, Mission, and Philosophy of Ministry


The Vision of Central Baptist Church is to passionately advance the Kingdom of God. This statement not only defines us, it describes us. The faith family of Central Baptist Church desires to see God’s Kingdom advanced in this world as people come to know Jesus Christ in a personal relationship and then become fully devoted followers of His. Everything we do and are involved in as a church flows from this vision.


The mission of Central Baptist Church is to make Disciples of Christ of all nations. It is how we accomplish the vision of passionately advancing the Kingdom of God. We advance the Kingdom by making Disciples of Jesus Christ. One of the most familiar passages of the Bible is the Great Commission. It is the last recorded words we have of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew. The last words of Jesus to His Disciples was a decree to go and make Disciples. That decree was not just for those Disciples who walked and talked with Jesus. It is ours today, as well. It hasn’t changed. It’s not just for a certain group of people or an elite group. The call goes out to every believer in Jesus. We are to passionately advance the Kingdom of God by making Disciples of all nations beginning right here in Brookhaven and to the uttermost parts of the earth.

Philosophy of Ministry

How do you know when you have made a Disciple of Christ and advanced the Kingdom of God? The “win” for Central is seen in a three-part philosophy of ministry.

It begins with exalting Jesus in worship. Worship gatherings and experiences are the fuel to accomplish our mission and vision.

The second part of our philosophy of ministry is seen in equipping in small groups. Small groups are the training to accomplish our vision.

The third part of our philosophy of ministry is to engage in missions. Engaging in missions will be the experience of accomplishing our vision.

The “win” for making a Disciple of Christ is when a person is actively involved in exalting Jesus in worship, being equipped in small groups, and engaging in missions.