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Master Growth Plan

Master Growth Plan 

On Sunday, April 10, 2016, Central Baptist Church voted to approve a third and final capital fundraising campaign entitled, Countdown to Completion; Building Our Tomorrow. The purpose of this campaign was to retire the remaining debt of Central Baptist Church in order to position us to implement future projects that are currently being prayed for and planned through the Master Growth Plan.

This campaign was designed to last for a period of 60 months as members pledged to financially support through a monthly offering that is above and beyond the tithe. Amounts ranging from $10 to $150 were pledged in order to meet the monthly payment and to retire the debt.

Central Baptist Church retired all financial debt before the 60 month deadline and is currently debt free. We rejoice in the abudant blessing of God through the deadication and financial committment of the members of Central Baptist Church. 

As we have now completed the financial committment to the current campus building and properties, we look forward to the next steps that God will lead us to take in the Master Growth Plan. We are currently in discussion with a design group for the development of a fellowship hall and children's playground project. 

Although we are not currently in a captial campaign, several of the members of CBC continue to give toward the "building fund" for the next phase of our campus expansion. If you would like to contribute to this designated fund through a monthly pledge or a one-time gift in memory or in honor of someone please complete this form.